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We fixed the bugs fro Truck Co. Dispatch. an Update is available if prompted when running the software or click on Help then Check for Updates. Also to repair the delivered/edited available loads, go back to edit them and click to select the Broker Name again and then save this will attach the broker ID to the load so you can see the delivered load in the Invoicing.

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Hello. I've just installed Truck co. Dispatch and looks like its almost great for my needs. Only 1 issue I've catched. When making invoice it's no option available to make deduction from total amount. For example I'm invoicing a customer for for $4000 but I've already got $2000 as fuel advance and i want to get quick pay which cost 2% from the amount left after advance. On other invoicers I've use it's easy,just put sign "-" before amount and it will be deducted. Yours invoicer doesnt allow deduct anything from the total amount. Please fix it and igladly pay for it. tks

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And also it could be great feature if we can save all load related paperwork in a program- bill of loadings,fuel receipts,driver logbooks,e.t.c

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Leonid Demchuk
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Overall very good and easy to use software without extra unneeded features. 

Few things that need to be added to make it perfect

- Ability to add lumpers to the invoice

- Ability to make quick pay deductions from the invoice

- In Payroll section Year-to-date amounts with itimized deductions and additions. If I deduct insurance and trailer lease I want to know totals for each item, but not the overall total for deductions 

- Ability to add POD to the load

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